The Beginning, The Middle, and The End: New Tools for the Scholarly Edition

Stan Ruecker, Geoffrey Rockwell, Daniel Sondheim, Mihaela Ilovan, Jennifer Windsor, Mark Bieber, Luciano Frizzera, Omar Rodriguez, Kamal Ranaweera, Carlos Florentino, Stéfan Sinclair, Milena Radzikowska, Teresa Dobson, Ann Blandford, Sarah Faisal, Alejandro Giacometti, Susan Brown, Brent Nelson, Piotr Michura


This article discusses a set of prototypes currently being designed and created by the Interface Design team of the Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) project. These prototypes attempt to supplement the user experience in reading digital scholarly editions, by supporting a set of tasks that are straightforward in a digital environment but in a print edition would be sufficiently more difficult as to be prohibitive. We therefore offer these experimental prototypes as a collection of new affordances for the scholarly edition, although they may reasonably be extended, with some variation, to other kinds of digital text.


Interface design; Rich-prospect browsing; User-centred design; Usability; Repositories; Collaboration

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