SRC Volume 9.1: Special Issue on Canada's History Journals

This issue of SRC is devoted to descriptions of some of Canada’s most outstanding history journals and other journals oriented to an historical time period.  
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The 2018 Scholarly and Research Communication Innovation Award


The Canadian journal Scholarly and Research Communication, has created a new journal award

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Volume 7(2/3): Double Issue


Volume 7(2/3) is a double issue of Scholarly Communication and Research, which features a collection of articles from the sixth annual gathering, Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE). This issue’s focus is on the many facets of digital and social scholarship: creativity, implementation, institutional interface, audience, initiatives, sustainability, along with opportunities and challenges.

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Special Science Communication issue

SRC's special "Science Communication" issue is now available online. We would like to invite other Canadian scientients (all disciplines) to add to this growing dialogue by submitting personal commentaries on their ideals and realities and the dynamics of their science, including the need for the free exchange of ideas, data, and research findings. Guest editor Britt Hall and the SRC see this initiative as contributing to science literacy and to encourgaing young Canadians to consider a career in science. Inquiries may be directed to guest editor, Britt Hall <> or publisher and editor-in-chief, Rowland Lorimer <>.  
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Volume 3, Issue 4

Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) readers will note that the first three issues of Volume 3 were oriented to papers emanating from the SSHRC-funded MCRI, Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) project headed up by Ray Siemens. The fourth issue of this series has been published as Volume 3 Number 4.
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Volume 4, Issue 1

SRC Volume 4, Issue 1 is published. Articles featured in this issue reflect some of the presentations from the PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference that was held in Berlin, Germany, September 26 - 28, 2011.  
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SRC Volume 3

SRC Volume 3 is a collection of research articles from the research project INKE (Implementing New Knowledge Environments). The Volume will contain 4 issues, with most of the articles already published online. Watch for more interesting news in bridging the gap between traditional book-based research within the Humanities and the new realities brought about by computer technology and the World Wide Web.  
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The Google Books Settlement: A Private Contract in the Absence of Adequate Copyright Law

An in-depth look at the digitization of library collections by Google and the proposed settlement regarding copyright.  
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Introduction of FRPAA in the US House of Representatives

Peter Suber just released the May 2010 SPARC Open Access Newsletter. Featured this month is concise analysis of the introduction of FRPAA and what you can do to help.  
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April 2010 SPARC Open Access Newsletter

Peter Suber just released the April 2010 SPARC Open Access Newsletter.  Highlighted this month:  a brief poetic thought for spring on the winter coat and OA; results of Peter's quest for a verb to describe making something OA; and the monthly roundup.  
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Overview of Open Access Models for eBooks in the Humanities and Social Sciences

New major report from OAPEN  
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February 2010 SPARC Open Access Newsletter


Peter Suber has just released the February 2010 SPARC Open Access Newsletter

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Assessing the future landscape of scholarly communication


Research report: Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication: An Exploration of Faculty Values and Needs in Seven Disciplines Diane Harley, Sophia Krzys Acord, Sarah Earl-Novell, Shannon Lawrence, C. Judson King

Update February 1, 2009:  see Jennifer Howard's article in the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Excerpt:  Although more and more scholars are interested in trying out new technologies as a way to share or publish their research, the traditional cultures of their disciplines and the high regard accorded to peer review still tend to have the strongest influence on them...

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The (non) Disruption of Scientific Publishing

An interesting blog post by Michael Clarke in which he analyses the functions of journals and why they are being changed minimally by the digital world.  
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Peter Suber, Open Access 2009  
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SRC Volume 1, Issue 1: First Articles Published


Editorial Article

Scholarly and Research Communication: A Journal and Some Founding Ideas by Rowland Lorimer


The OMMM Project: Toward a Collaborative Editorial Workflow by John W Maxwell 

An Open Access Approach to Scientific Information Management at the Agricultural Research Corporation by Patrícia Rocha Bello Bertin, Fernando César Lima Leite, Isaque Vacari, Victor Paulo Marques Simão, & Marcos Cezar Visoli

Ibero-American Systems for the Dissemination of Scholarly Journals: A Contribution to Public Knowledge Worldwide by Ana María Cetto, José Octavio Alonso-Gamboa, & Saray Córdoba González

Technical Report

Who Knows What, When? Current and Desired Capacities for Online Journal Statistics Gathering and Dissemination by James MacGregor & Andrea Kosavic


Using Open Journal Systems to Move from Paper Production to Online Open Access by Laura C. Botsford & Kevin D. Haggerty


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December 2009 Dramatic Growth of Open Access

December 2009 Dramatic Growth of Open Access  
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Income models for Open Access: An overview of current practic


WASHINGTON, DC – “Who pays for Open Access?” is a key question faced by publishers, authors, and libraries as awareness and interest in free, immediate, online access to scholarly research increases. SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) examines the issue of sustainability for current and prospective open-access publishers in a timely new guide, “Income models for Open Access: An overview of current practice,” by Raym Crow.

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Dramatic Growth of Open Access September 30, 2009

The Dramatic Growth of Open Access is a quarterly series on open access extent and growth by SRC Associate Editor Heather Morrison.  The September 30, 2009 issue features key quotables.  
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PLoS Article Level Metrics

PLoS has added a substantial suite of article-level metrics, ranging from article usage stastistics to citations to social bookmarking and more.   
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Videos from Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association Conference

Videos from the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) Conference are now available on River Valley TV  
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Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity

Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, and the U. of California at Berkley have announced a Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity.  The basic idea is that signatories commit to developing models for support for OA journals that are equitable to current library supports for scholarly journals through subscriptions.  Other universities are encouraged to join.  
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Free webcast of the first Open Access Scholarly Publishing Conference which begins September 16! Announcement from OASPA follows:

Dear All, I am pleased to announce that the 1st Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing will be broadcast live online at: in order to broaden the reach of the conference beyond those participants who will be able to physically join us next week.  
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International Editorial Board for SRC

SRC welcomes an international Editorial Board.  
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PKP Conference

The 2nd International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference is being held July 8th through 10th, 2009 at Simon Fraser University.  
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